In 2004, Carolyn Mangold, Chris McClung, Ruth England and Steve Sisson had a dream. This vision was to take the advanced training methods of the best professional athletes and apply the same principles to the everyday runner. Steve created Rogue Running based in Austin, Texas, with precisely that goal in mind. Today, his dream has grown to train over 3,000 runners every year at the Rogue Running home base in Austin, TX.

About the same time, Bob Wallace was building the Trained by Run On! community in Dallas, TX with similar principles in mind. Bob's vision was to "give people a mission, a way to assume responsibility for their health
and their well-being." Along the way, he built the largest and strongest running community in the Dallas area based out of his Run On! stores all over the Metroplex until selling his stores to JackRabbit in 2012.

Fast forward to 2018, the best of Rogue and Run On! by JackRabbit came together to form Rogue Training, a joint venture to bring the best training methods and community to you. We are starting in Texas but will be expanding to other JackRabbit locations all over the country soon. 


Coaching is our first love. From beginners prepping for their first 5K or half marathon to first-time or advanced marathoners training to go the distance, we train over 3,000 athletes* per year with programs for nearly every person and race distance.

We are hear to help you take your training to the next level. Next level fun. Next level fast. Next level you. 

* "If you have a body, you are an athlete." - Bill Bowerman

What's included

  • Expert individual and group guidance from an experienced coach on topics from ranging from form drills to stretching to in-run fueling and everything you need to be your best running self.

  • Day-by-day running schedule for the entire class.

  • Weekly, supported runs and speed session(s) tailored to your specific goal.

  • Weekend long runs with maps on a fully supported course with water/electrolyte stops

  • 15% off on running shoes and gear at all JackRabbit stores

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