Jack Rabbit -
Columbus Circle Training

10 Columbus Circle,
New York, NY 10019


maintenance/base building and half marathon training:

DETAILS: The current NYC Marathon class is closed out. However, we will have a maintenance/base building program for those staying in shape or getting in shape for our NYC Half Marathon class. The maintenance class begins Wednesday November 13th. Our class for the NYC Half Marathon and other goal races around that time will begin on Wednesday December 18th. After the NYC Half Marathon in mid March, we will keep rolling with a bridge class to the Brooklyn Half marathon, and then full and half marathon training for fall 2020 races. We have your entire year planned out!
MEETS: Wednesday at 6:45 PM and Saturday at 8:00 AM
PRICE: $85/month (cancel any time after 5 day free trial - no contracts)



If you'd like a more tailored experience we offer personalized training services.  We can provide you with 1 on 1 training focused on distance/endurance running, stretching & balance, walking for fitness, and active ageing. We can accommodate your busy schedule and make fitness a fun, hassle-free undertaking that you actually look forward to. A complimentary, introductory 30-minute consultation is offered to get a better understanding of your needs, goals, and fitness history, so that together we can determine your best direction. Some schedule options are:

ONE-ON-ONE: This is all about you! 
Single Session   $70
3-Session Package   $190
5-Session Package   $300
10-Session Package   $495 

PAIRS TRAINING: This is all about you and your best friend, partner, parent, child, or any two persons who want to train together. Having a third person actually creates even more training options.
Single Session   $40 per person
3-Session Package   $110 per person 
5-Session Package   $160 per person 
10-Session Package   $275 per person  

To schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation please email our Program Director at mhayes@jackrabbit.com