JackRabbit currently operates 60 specialty running stores in 16 states along with its e-commerce platform www.jackrabbit.com. Jackrabbit's mission is to personalize the shoe fit process, hand-pick the best products, and create unique experiences that grow active communities. With a start in Texas at Run On! by JackRabbit in Dallas and Fort Worth, Rogue Training hopes to expand to other JackRabbit locations soon.  


The original Rogue. Founded in 2004, Rogue Running operates training programs, a trail race series, and a running travel business called Rogue Expeditions in Austin, TX. Rogue Training is a joint venture with JackRabbit to bring the Rogue training approach and curriculum to other locations around the US. 

Baylor Scott & White Health

Baylor Scott & White Health is the Official Medical Provider for Rogue Training classes in the DFW area. BSW Health can connect you to sports medicine physicians, licensed athletic trainers and rehabilitation therapists, including 60 outpatient rehab locations across DFW. 

In Dallas, licensed athletic trainers will be on site after each Saturday long run to educate you about preventing and correcting running injuries, answer any health-related questions and facilitate getting you an appointment if necessary.

Generation UCAN

Generation UCAN is the Official Fuel and Hydration Provider for Rogue Training classes in the DFW area. Sustaining your blood sugar is the key to maintaining your energy so you can perform your best on any run. Powered by SuperStarch, UCAN prevents the spike and crash of sugar-based fuels and is gentle on the stomach. No more bonking and GI distress!