Houston Area Training
2019 Coming Soon


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Details about the upcoming 2019 Houston Area training:

We are excited to kick-off Rogue Training in the Houston area in 2019 in partnership the JackRabbit family. Initially, we will have several programming options for all levels at ? locations.

All programs include: expert group and individual guidance from an experienced coach on topics ranging from form drills to stretching to in-run fueling and everything you need to be your best running self. Plus…

  • Day-by-day running schedule tiered for all training levels.

  • Weekly, supported runs and speed session(s) tailored to your specific goal.

  • Weekend long runs with maps on a fully supported course with water/electrolyte stops.

  • 15% off on running shoes and gear at all JackRabbit stores.

Details COMING SOON WITH start dates!