rogue routines 

Below are key drills, stretches, and rolling routines that we do at Rogue Training to prepare for workouts, improve strength and flexibility, and recovery from daily runs. 

Form drills (PRE-WORKOUT)

Purpose: These drills should be performed over 20-30 meters prior to your workout as a dynamic warm-up tool and to improve running efficiency and form.

Drill list:

  • Heel-toe Walk: Exaggerating the transition between stepping pushing off your toe, constricting your calf. Focus on the toe off. 
  • Heel-toe Skip: Same movement but add in a skipping motion which makes the move more explosive.
  • Walking High Knee: Focus on knee drive - pulling the kneecap towards the chin. 
  • High Knee Quick: Driving the knees up quickly,
  • Skipping: Improving ankle flexibility and function
  • Skipping w/Paw Back: Kick the leg out and pull back, with a skip, explosive movement,
  • Bounding: Exaggerating stride, driving the knees up
  • Butt Flicks: Drive the heel straight to your butt, driving the leg straight up and down
  • Side-to-Side: Up and back facing the same direction. Shuffling the legs side to side improving hip flexibility, swinging the arms.
  • Karaoke (or over-unders): Similar to side-to-side but instead moving the trail leg over and under the lead leg, swinging your hips/arms
  • 2 short strides 

Foot Drills (POST-WORKOUT)

Purpose: Strengthen and stretch the muscles in the lower leg. Designed to help reduce the likelihood of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and other foot/ankle injuries.

Drills: Perform barefoot over ~ 35 meters.

  • Inside of the Foot
  • Outside of the Foot
  • Toes In (Pigeon Toe)
  • Toes Out (Charlie Chaplin)
  • Backwards on Tip Toes
  • Forward on Your Heels


Purpose: To improve flexibility and promote blood flow and healing after a run or workout. 

Stretching routine:

Hold each stretch for 20 seconds on each leg. 

  • Straight Leg Hamstring Stretch
  • Single Pelvic Tilt -- knee straight and foot flexed
  • Bent Knee Hamstring Stretch -- knee at 90 degrees and then extend straight and keep foot flexed
  • Abductor Stretch -- with straight leg move it across the body, keep foot pointed up
  • Abductor Stretch 2
  • Lateral Glute Stretch Pull knee to chest then towards opposite shoulder
  • Fetal Stretch
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Abductor/Lower Back Stretch
  • Medial Hip Stretch


There are an abundance of trigger point drills and positions. This routine is just the tip of the iceberg, but it provides some of the best bang for the buck - a key supplemental tool for our busy runners. 

Purpose: To break up adhesions between the muscle and its outer coating or “sheath” that prevent the muscle from moving fluidly and cause soreness/tightness.

When: Immediately before or after any speed (quality) workout or long run.

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